I am finally happy, this is the happiest i’ve been in years. All my energy is coming back, all my artistic motivation is coming back! Im in love! Im so much more confident! And i will be posting SO much more often. Thank you to all my followers for sticking with me through the last few years, and letting me confide in them when shit hit the fan. You all mean so much to me, every single one of you. All 12,000 of you, i love you. Some of you left, but to the ones who stuck around, i love you. I started this blog as a little 13 year old, its unbelievable that i was even able to get 12,000 in the first place <3

I’m officially 3 months clean of self harm, and i have not skipped a meal in 5 months. I’ve gained weight, i have my curves back. I’m working out more, im a lot fitter again. I promise to be so much more active, as well as holding competitions again and doing random promotions again. <3 Thank you all

Some before and now pictures. The 1st and 3rd are old ones and the 3nd and 4th are me now <3

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