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Hey i'm Taillah, but my friends call me Tails or Tits. I'm 16 and i live in Australia.
I blog whatever tickles my fancy, which is usually anything
art,fashion,food or music related.
I also post my own photography. Photography is my passion, if you would like to give me any feedback on my photography, feel free to. :]
Along with photography and art, my next passion would be music, i may also post a lot of music related things. I prefer metal, rock and sub genres associated with those genres, so i may post a lot of band things.
There isn't really a lot to me, but if you would like to find out more, just send me an ask. :]
Also, lately i've been queuing all of my posts from 12 am - 12 am. That way i'm blogging all of the time even if i'm not online