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hey beautful i saw your post and i was wondering if i could help, many of my friends went from depressed to numb but they are back on track now because they have medication, my brother was depressed until we found out he had a vitamin b12 deficiency now he's on medication and improving, you could consider seeing if it;s your body and not you xx hope you feel better

Hello, lovely.

I am already on medication, somehow its just not working. Nothing works. My medication will work for a few months at most then i’ll just sink back down to where i started. Then they usually just up my dosage.

But its just a temporary fix, i’ve been doing everything i can to get back on track. I really am trying. It just feels like its never going to happen, its been years now. Im still just as pathetic as i was when i started 

I cant stand being alive anymore.

I don’t think i’ve ever fully recovered, since i first got sick life has just been a mess. While im eating now, i just feel so detached from the world. I cant bare to go to school just because i’ve somehow detached myself from everyone. I feel as though im so alone, and in many ways i am. No one ever wants to hang out with me or see me. I walk around by myself most of the time now. Between my boyfriend and home, i really don’t leave. And its killing me, i feel like im dying slowly. Im just an empty, scared, pathetic little mess.  I wish i wasn’t so pathetic, I want things to go back into place. I want to feel comfortable, i want all the pieces to just go back together. Everyday i just lose a little bit more, im not even sure how long i will last living like this.


Serenity by Wandering Alice

The way we live is so fucking unnatural