I cant stand being alive anymore.

I don’t think i’ve ever fully recovered, since i first got sick life has just been a mess. While im eating now, i just feel so detached from the world. I cant bare to go to school just because i’ve somehow detached myself from everyone. I feel as though im so alone, and in many ways i am. No one ever wants to hang out with me or see me. I walk around by myself most of the time now. Between my boyfriend and home, i really don’t leave. And its killing me, i feel like im dying slowly. Im just an empty, scared, pathetic little mess.  I wish i wasn’t so pathetic, I want things to go back into place. I want to feel comfortable, i want all the pieces to just go back together. Everyday i just lose a little bit more, im not even sure how long i will last living like this.


Serenity by Wandering Alice

The way we live is so fucking unnatural